Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Tropical Diet Coke

You'd be hard pressed to find a more loyal fan of diet coke than me. Back in college we were assigned to create a VNR (video news release) of an event or product. Guess who chose Diet Coke's 10-year anniversary? (Yes, I just dated myself). THIS GIRL!

While the professor hardly deemed it a newsworthy event, I bit the bullet and had headquarters send me all sorts of literature and created my video piece. Yeah, I was obsessed; maybe a little rebellious since I had to smuggle it on campus to drink during class.

Anyway, recently I made my way through a drive-thru soda stand and ordered a different concoction involving diet coke. And WHA-LA! I was suddenly transported to a beach with white sand hearing nothing but waves and Jamaican music. Never having been to such a place, I was there in my imagination. And I am every time I drink this now.

So, want to escape to that beach with me? Here's the recipe:

One bottle of diet coke (I'll let you decide if it's leaded or unleaded :) )
2-3 T coconut syrup (that's equivalent to about 2-3 pumps, too)
1-2 T Pineapple juice
Add to a glass of ice

Pretty simple. Oh, the little pleasures of life. Now, where are those little umbrellas to stick in the glass?