Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Book Darts

I know a lot of you love to read like me. Indeed if you are truly like me, you have a million books in the works at a time, so you need a lot of bookmarks.

I found these darling little Book Darts  a while back that spoke to me. I attend a book club where we often want to refer back to a part of the book for a discussion. Rather than have a bunch of sticky note/flags, these darts come in handy for marking a spot. Of course, they can also just be a sole bookmark in the book you're reading.

They are pliable and can fit just a few pages to a clump of pages. 

By the way, have you read this Melissa Michael's book? I am only into it a chapter or so, but I can tell it will be a game changer for me.  

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