Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Some of my Favorite Apps to Save Money

Sometimes I look at shopping as a game. What can I do to get the lowest price? What is in it for me? Well, with a couple of my favorite apps, you can find hidden money that converts to cash into your Paypal account. (Or you can even choose gift cards as your reward) Plus, you don't have to clip any coupons. It's all digital. Warning. It can be addicting.

First of all, the one I use most is called Ibotta. It offers various items on its app that if you buy you will get cash back into your account within minutes to hours. You also can join a team and work as a team to complete extra cash bonuses. My team is pretty fun, feel free to join it. The link above should automatically put you on my team.
You simply scan the code to make sure the item applies, then you "unlock" the rebate. Then, once you check out, you verify your purchases and take a picture of your receipt. (Don't worry, it doesn't clog up your camera roll -- similar to snap chat -- just goes away in the app).
I've mostly used it at grocery stores. Ridley's makes it the most convenient as you don't have to capture the receipt. If you link your shopper card to it, it will remember it if you unlock the item you bought. Wal Mart lets you scan the code at the receipt so you also don't need to take a picture.
Other vendors have been known to join in the game lately such as Best Buy, Sally Beauty Supply, and H&M. 

Most of the grocery stores I shop at are on it. It gets really fun once you add paper coupons to it, Cartwheel at Target, or digital coupons at Smith's to see if you can get the item for free or even make money on it. That happens every once in a while. Today I used a paper coupon and a digital coupon for Tilamook Ice Cream. 

This also leads me to the next app you can also double up on. I have seen the same item on both apps at the same time which enables me to save even more. For instance, I saw Stevia on both apps and was able to use the same store receipt on both apps and get Stevia for close to free. This app is called Checkout 51. This one doesn't make you only buy from certain stores. It let's you buy from any store, which makes me happy since my local Macey's doesn't participate in Ibotta, which I need to encourage them to. 

The last one I don't use as often. But you'd better believe I signed up just to get the free $2.00 Lindt Chocolate bar. This one is called Shopmium. (Looks like that one you will have to search in the app store) It doesn't offer as many items that I use, but every once in a while I find something or want to try something. If you want to get the chocolate bar simply go to Shopmium and if you want to enter my referral code it is MUYFUERP.

Let me know if you start using these apps and if you get addicted. Also, feel free to share some of you other favorite apps to use. 

Have fun hiding the money in your PayPal account!

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